Jesus’ Power Was On Full Display During Holy Week

Jesus’ Power Is Available to Us I have a couple of friends who are rather unique individuals.  One has amazing physical strength. The other is an expert martial arts instructor. In addition to their physical skills both men share another characteristic. You would never know by looking at them how powerful they are. Neither are […]

Discipline From God Shows We Are His Children

God’s Discipline Isn’t Punishment When a man or woman enters the military service they go through a rapid transformation within a short period of time. The only way that can be accomplished is by a rigid system of discipline. The goal of Army Basic Training is to change a civilian man or woman into a […]

Trials – They’re Not Our Enemy, Even Though It Feels Like It!

Trials Challenge And Strengthen Our Faith Trials are the most common and the most misunderstood type of adversity we face as Christians. They’re painful, negative events so some confuse them with attacks from the enemy. The enemy does attack us but he’s interested in attacking our mind, not our circumstances 2 Corinthians 11:3. The truth […]

The Father Prunes Us To Produce More Fruit [A Personal Example]

The Father Prunes All His Children In the last few hours Jesus spent with His disciples He taught them that the Father prunes His followers. In John 15:1-11 Jesus lays out these elements of the pruning process: Jesus is the vine. The Father is the vine dresser. Jesus’ followers are branches. Branches are to bear […]

Pruning Season [It’s Not Just For Plants]

God’s Pruning is Difficult to Go Through but Profitable Spring officially started yesterday!  Woo hoo! It means warmer temperatures, beautiful flowers and new growth appearing on plants, shrubs and trees. It’s also the time for pruning many plants. Pruning is done to remove the parts of a plant that are no longer useful to improve […]

Persecution: It’s Time To Take It Seriously

All Christians Should Expect Persecution Just over a month ago the world learned of the tragic deaths of 21 Egyptian Christians on a beach in Libya. Persecution of Christians goes on all over the world. It has for as long as there have been people of faith Deuteronomy 30:7. Yet there was something different about what […]

7 Ways We Suffer Consequences [That Are Avoidable]

Painful and Preventable Consequences Have you ever missed an airplane flight? Unless you had car trouble or were in an unexpected traffic jam it was probably your fault. You can blame it on your spouse or kids or dirty glasses that made you think 2:30 pm was 3:30 pm, but bottom line, it’s on you. […]