7 Benefits of Being Accepted by the Father

What it Means to be Accepted by the Father Acceptance is a big deal. Young people work hard for good grades to be accepted into the National Honor Society. High school students strive to get accepted into a top college. College graduates prepare resumes hoping an employer accepts and hires them.  We want to be […]

5 Facts About Our Acceptance by God

Our Position In Christ Assures us of Acceptance Acceptance is a key principle for people of all cultures. It’s elusive. It isn’t based upon one’s social status or wealth or accomplishments. There are many successful, wealthy, famous people who struggle with acceptance. No matter how much one tries one cannot guarantee being accepted by another. […]

Don’t Confuse Your Spiritual Condition with Your Spiritual Position

Live In Your Position Not Your Condition “I can’t believe I did that!” Most of us have uttered those words. We get distracted and do something we wouldn’t do if we were paying attention. It’s like missing an exit on the freeway because you’re talking. Even though you’ve taken it a hundred times you missed […]

The Wonder of Our Position as Christians: We’re Alive To God!

Understanding our Spiritual Position In Christ I am the fourth of six children born to Howard and Ruth Cushman. My father was about six feet tall, as am I. His ancestry was English and my mom’s Swedish. That’s the position in which I was born in this life. If you see me and any of […]

2 Powerful Aspects of Your Identity as a Christian

The Power of Your Identity in Christ When I was in India in October I was surprised at the special way I was treated. I was given gifts, had my bags carried for me and was always called Pastor rather than by my first name. Often people waited for me to eat before they ate […]