10 Biblical Examples of Faithful Living

Faithful Living is Something Everyone Can Do A few days ago we talked about Nik Wallenda and his amazing high wire walk between skyscrapers in Chicago. I not only wouldn’t contemplate trying to do that, I didn’t even want to watch it. Unfortunately many people have the mistaken idea that walking by faith is just […]

10 Ways Walking By Faith Improves Your Vision

Walking by Faith is About Seeing Things From God’s Perspective In the first church where I served as a pastor there was an amazing man by the name of Grant. Grant is blind. He had been attending the church for several years and knew his way around that little church so well he didn’t need […]

Biblical Faith isn’t Blind Faith, it’s Active Faith

Active Faith Is Based on a Reason to Believe The city of Chicago recently hosted a death defying event by Nik Wallenda. I couldn’t watch as he walked blindfolded on a wire 600 feet in the air between skyscrapers. Nik was able to do it because he had faith. I don’t know anything about his […]

Whatever Your Circumstance, Faith Is the One Thing That Will Help

Faith is Not A Magic Pill But A Proven Help In Hard Times The world is full of experts who are ready to tell you, or should I say sell you, the key to success. It doesn’t matter if you are starting a dance school, writing your first book or wanting to sell mattresses, there […]

How to Overcome the Pressure to Be Conformed

To Not Be Conformed We Must Be Transformed I consider myself a good driver. I grew up driving the California freeways. I lived and drove in New York City and never had a problem. I enjoyed driving the autobahns of Germany when we lived there. Chicago’s tollways and rush hour traffic don’t phase me. But […]

Four Ways Jesus Expects Us To Be Different

Four Ways Jesus Expects Us To Be Different Jesus Came To Change Things Change is a word that is loved and hated. Leadership experts tell us that change is important. They say, “To succeed we must continually change.” On the other hand, there’s a great percentage of the population that hears that and shrugs their […]

4 Relational Expectations From Your Calling As a Christian

Relational Expectations We have expectations of people based upon their status or position in life. We expect teachers to be patient and good communicators and drill sergeants to be loud and demanding. We expect police officers to carry guns, two year olds to throw tantrums and pizza delivery guys to bring us warm pizza. Today […]

4 Implications of Your Calling as a Christian

Your Calling as A Christian I think it’s an accurate statement to say that most people don’t use the term “calling” when they talk about their lives. There are many who do, but I don’t think it is a majority or anywhere close to it. People who say they have a calling are those who […]