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Information about Ward Cushman as your guest speaker

Thanks for visiting my speaking page. Over the past 30 years I have had the privilege of speaking in hundreds of churches in the USA, Canada, Germany and India. I am available as a guest speaker for regular church services, camps, conferences, seminars and special events.

I have spoken on a wide range of topics including but not limited to the following:

  • Stand Firm – A series of messages in the area of spiritual warfare. This teaching focuses on one part of this large topic, specifically how to recognize and resist spiritual attacks on our thoughts. This can be presented as a single message overview or multiple messages to fit your format.
  • Topical messages – Individual messages summarizing what the Bible teaches about subjects such as Prayer, The Trinity, Fasting, Elders, Baptism, Hell, Adversity, The Christian Life and many more.
  • Narrative messages – These are sermons given in a story format, weaving the biblical accounts of well known stories and imagination to give a fresh perspective on familiar stories. A sample of this kind of message, “The Test of Abraham’s Faith” is below.
  • Walk Thru The Bible – I teach the Walk Thru the Old and New Testament live events for adults, teens and children as well as a number of other live events such as Understanding the Love of your Life and more.
  • Becoming What God Intended – I teach the Creating a Health Family and Setting the Heart Free seminars developed by Dr. David Eckman.

I would love to have a conversation with you about being a your speaking needs. Please fill out this form and explain as much as you wish about your needs and I’ll be back in touch with you soon!

Please click here for my contact form. Explain as much as you wish to about your needs and I’ll be back in touch with you soon!