Recognizing Satanic Attacks Is No Mystery

The Armor Of God Is The Key To Recognizing Satanic Attacks

Spiritual warfare is a mysterious subject to most people. In the first place we can’t see our enemies, they’re spiritual Ephesians 6:12. Second they’re powerful. In Job 1-2 Satan is described as controlling even the wind and lightning in attacking Job.  Third is the unusual phenomenon of demonization. Demons can make people do bizarre things Mark 5:1-20. Fourth are the strong warnings in the Bible. One is that Satan is a like roaring lion seeking someone to devour 1 Peter 5:8. Put that all together and you’ve got what seems as mysterious as a scary movie to many people.
recognizing satanic attacks is no mystery

In light of this perceived mystery, God tells us, “Resist the devil and he will flee from you!” James 4:7. Many read that and think, “Sure, I’ll take care of the devil right after I bring about world peace!” It seems impossible. But it’s not. It’s not only possible to resist Satan, God expects us to do so.

Think about it. God the Father loves us. Do you think a loving Dad would make you fight a vicious bully knowing you’ll get beat up and bloodied? No way! He lets Satan attack us because we’re equipped to defeat Him. He’s given us the defense we need to win every battle. The armor of God is the key.

The Armor Is The Key To Recognizing Satanic Attacks

Armor is designed to protect against a specific type of attack. Police officers wear kevlar vests to protect them from bullets. Fire fighters wear equipment that protects them from smoke, fire and heat. During the Iraq war our soldiers were equipped with airtight suits to protect them from a chemical attack.

Before you can resist a satanic attack you have to first recognize you’re being attacked. Recognizing satanic attacks begins with examining the armor God has given us. It’s listed in Ephesians 6:14-17. Here are the six pieces of armor:

  1. Truth
  2. Righteousness
  3. Readiness
  4. Faith
  5. Salvation
  6. Sayings of God

Does that sound like armor to you? Not to most people. The Roman items listed in the passage sound like armor; a shield, sword, breastplate. But those aren’t the armor of God. What I have listed are.

Well then, what are truth, righteous, readiness, faith, salvation and the sayings of God? They’re concepts, principles, values, attitudes and perspectives. They are all mental. If the armor is mental, what does that tell you about the attacks they’re designed to thwart?

Recognizing satanic attacks begins with understanding that God has given us mental armor. The attacking thoughts from Satan will be the opposite of the pieces of the armor.

Satan’s goal isn’t to give you a flat tire in the rain on the tollway during rush hour when you’re late for a job interview.

That’s a physical attack on your tire. Instead he may mentally attack you.

When you hit that pothole and get a flat tire he may put thoughts in your mind like this.

  • God doesn’t love you – not truth
  • You should curse God – not righteous
  • You are so discouraged – not having readiness to live for God
  • You doubt God wants your best – not having faith in God
  • You feel worthless – the opposite of resting in His salvation
  • You don’t think God’s promises of protecting you are true – questioning the sayings of God.

That’s a spiritual attack on your mind!

There is a lot more to teach you about recognizing satanic attacks. If you’re in the Chicago area come and join us tonight and tomorrow as I teach the Stand Firm seminar. Click here for details and to register.

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  1. Thanks, Ward! You have made the concept of spiritual warfare clear as day with a simple explanation, I can latch on to that and share it with others.

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