Know Your Three Spiritual Enemies: How to Tell Them Apart

Three Spiritual Enemies Similarities and Differences The Bible teaches we have three spiritual enemies, the flesh, the world and Satan. Many people don’t understand the biblical distinctions between them. Let’s explore the implications of the similarities and differences between our three spiritual enemies. We have friends who recently had twin boys. People are asking them, […]

The Food Court of Bad Desires – Worldly Desires

Understanding Worldly Desires The world system is one of our three spiritual enemies.  Like the flesh and Satan it is set on turning our hearts from God. The world’s approach is different from the flesh and Satan.  Today we are looking at worldly desires. “Food court” is a fairly recent term that’s become part of […]

Our Enemy the World Attacks with 3 Types of Desire

When we think of the term “world” many different ideas, images and concepts come to mind. The song “What a Wonderful World” points to positive and uplifting things that make up the world around us. Sometimes we use world to refer to the planet earth. Other times, such as in the most well-known verse in the […]

Living Behind Enemy Lines: 10 Truths about the Hostile World In Which We Live

In World War II Germany attacked and defeated the Dutch and the Belgians after a six week blitzkrieg. The French formed a new government and quickly surrendered to the Germans. Certain elements of the former government didn’t recognize the legitimacy of the new French government or the surrender. Some left France but many didn’t. Those […]