Christian Living – 4 Tips to Help You Watch out for Spiritual Potholes

4 Tips for Dealing with Spiritual Potholes When I was younger my dad and I were out running errands when he took a shortcut on a dirt road. As Dad wove our station wagon left and right I remarked that there were sure a lot of potholes. Without taking his eyes off the road he […]

7 Ways the Trinity Helps Us Defeat Our Spiritual Enemies

Part of the passage of life from being a kid to being an adult is going out on your own. When you’re young you want your own place, to come and go as you please, to take care of yourself and to show the world (or maybe your parents) that you’re independent. I enjoyed being […]

The Adversity of Spiritual Attacks: The Christian’s Three Enemies

I’ll never forget the first time I played paintball. I was prepared. I wore camouflage and had all my protective gear on. I had a plan. I was at the bottom of a long hill on top of which was the enemy flag. I slowly made my way from tree to tree, carefully scouring the […]