Recognizing Satanic Attacks Is No Mystery

The Armor Of God Is The Key To Recognizing Satanic Attacks Spiritual warfare is a mysterious subject to most people. In the first place we can’t see our enemies, they’re spiritual Ephesians 6:12. Second they’re powerful. In Job 1-2 Satan is described as controlling even the wind and lightning in attacking Job.  Third is the […]

Satan’s First Attack On Humanity [Was It Typical Or Atypical?]

The Nature Of Satan’s First Attack On Eve Satan gets way too much credit. I’ve heard people credit Satan with destroying churches and marriages. Some give him credit for health problems and disagreements with the neighbors. He’s credited with ruining our country and causing pipes to burst. All without one shred of actual evidence that […]

The First Spiritual Warfare Attack Has A Familiar Look To It

The First Attack Was A Lie Life was wonderful for Adam and Eve before they sinned. They had no evil impulses. They weren’t selfish. They never got upset or impatient with each other. They had perfect, healthy bodies. They always felt great. They weren’t afraid of anything. They lived in harmony with the animals, insects, […]

Spiritual Warfare: Read This If You Think You’ve Never Been Attacked By Satan

The Perfect Con: Attacked by Satan Being attacked by Satan is a con job. A true con job is when the person who is conned never knows it happened. Oh he knew something went wrong, he lost money or something of value, but he didn’t know it was because there was a nefarious plan to […]