Satan’s First Attack On Humanity [Was It Typical Or Atypical?]

The Nature Of Satan’s First Attack On Eve Satan gets way too much credit. I’ve heard people credit Satan with destroying churches and marriages. Some give him credit for health problems and disagreements with the neighbors. He’s credited with ruining our country and causing pipes to burst. All without one shred of actual evidence that […]

Understanding Our Enemy Satan’s Basic Flaw

5 Facts About Our Enemy Satan’s Creation And Fall God created a perfect, beautiful world in which everything was very good Genesis 1:31. He intended that people, animals and all creation live in peace and harmony. He gave Adam and Eve the job of taking care of the garden. He gave them just one prohibition. […]

Would the real “Spiritual Warfare” please stand up?

Do you remember the game show To Tell the Truth? Three contestants professed to be the same person. A moderator described the person’s occupation and a panel questioned them to figure out which one was telling the truth. At the end the host asked, “Would the real (person’s name) please stand up?” Wouldn’t it be […]