God Guards Us From Spiritual Warfare

Be Comforted Knowing God Guards Us Even Though We Don’t See It A little over a year ago I went on a missions trip with my church to Guatemala. I was hoping to venture out during free time and see some of Guatemala City on my own. It didn’t happen. From the moment we arrived […]

God Allows Satanic Attacks [What That Means To Us]

Be Comforted Not Alarmed That God Allows Satan To Attack We’re all fascinated with the spirit realm. This is evident by all of the books, TV shows and movies about angels, demons and the paranormal. We’d all like to know more about those beings we can’t see that seem to have greater powers than we […]

God’s Response to Satan’s Attack On Eve [It May Surprise You]

God’s Response Reveals His Perspective On Spiritual Warfare In yesterday’s post I said that many Christians don’t think spiritual warfare is a significant issue in their lives. Have you ever wondered what God thinks about it? To answer that question we only need to turn to Genesis 3 where Satan attacked Eve and God’s response […]