Recognizing Satanic Attacks Is No Mystery

The Armor Of God Is The Key To Recognizing Satanic Attacks Spiritual warfare is a mysterious subject to most people. In the first place we can’t see our enemies, they’re spiritual Ephesians 6:12. Second they’re powerful. In Job 1-2 Satan is described as controlling even the wind and lightning in attacking Job.  Third is the […]

You Can’t Defeat A Satanic Attack If You Can’t Recognize One!

You Can Learn To Recognize A Satanic Attack I once took a course in college about trees. The goal was to be able to identify 150 different types of trees. Most of us can tell the difference between a coniferous tree (one with needles)  and a deciduous tree (one with leaves). After that it gets […]

Spiritual Warfare: Satan’s Target Is Your Mind

Satanic Attacks Target Your Mind A few years ago when we moved into a new home we soon discovered we weren’t alone. There were 5 squirrels that frolicked in our yard by day and slept in our attic at night. It was disconcerting each night as we heard them crawling around above. One hot day […]

Spiritual Warfare: The Armor of God is for our Minds

The Purpose of The Armor of God Widespread confusion exists about spiritual warfare and the armor of God. There’s little agreement about what it is or how or when to use it. Today we explore the purpose of the armor. The armor of God is like a specialized tool to help you do something you […]

Spiritual Warfare: 6 Categories of Satanic Attacks in the Bible

Satanic Attacks Years ago my sister moved to a new apartment in San Jose, CA. She gave me directions how to get to her place and I drove over to see her . She said her apartment was just off Lee Ave, an exit off the 101 Freeway. When I got to San Jose I […]