Our Enemy the World Attacks with 3 Types of Desire

When we think of the term “world” many different ideas, images and concepts come to mind. The song “What a Wonderful World” points to positive and uplifting things that make up the world around us. Sometimes we use world to refer to the planet earth. Other times, such as in the most well-known verse in the […]

Follow the Leader: 7 Principles from Jesus on How to Handle Personal Attacks

An unfortunate but occasional part of life is being personally attacked by others. Personal attacks come in many forms: sarcasm, gossip, complaints, criticism and confrontation. They also come from many sources: coworkers, neighbors, friends, family and even from people we don’t know. What do you do when attacked? The options range from fight to flight […]

Living Behind Enemy Lines: 10 Truths about the Hostile World In Which We Live

In World War II Germany attacked and defeated the Dutch and the Belgians after a six week blitzkrieg. The French formed a new government and quickly surrendered to the Germans. Certain elements of the former government didn’t recognize the legitimacy of the new French government or the surrender. Some left France but many didn’t. Those […]

Angels and demons: Can You Spot the Differences?

Whoever came up with the idea for the “Can you spot the differences” game was brilliant! On the one hand it’s the easiest game to play, just look for the differences between two pictures. On the other hand it can be very complex, depending upon the pictures. In honor of the World Cup can you […]

The Invisible War: Let’s Pull Back The Curtain

One of my favorite scenes in the movie The Wizard of Oz is when Dorothy discovers, with the help of Toto, the man behind the curtain. The first time I saw that I was so surprised and delighted because it explained so much. This scene is such a classic that people use the term “pulling […]

Four Reasons Spiritual Warfare is Difficult to Understand

Spiritual warfare is the battle between God and His followers versus Satan and his followers. The conflict spans the Bible. It is first mentioned in Genesis 3 and last in Revelation 20. Here are the main reasons why it is one of the most misunderstood topics in the Bible. Four Reasons Spiritual Warfare Is Difficult […]