Most Of What Satan Can Do Doesn’t Really Matter [Here’s Why]

Part 2 What Satan Can Do and What Satan Can't Do

What Satan Can And Can’t Do I started writing this blog post with a specific goal in mind. I intended to show you what Satan can do, according to the Bible. When I got to the end of the post I wasn’t satisfied with it. It wasn’t that I didn’t think I had done a […]

What Satan Can’t Do [And How We Know It]

Part 1 What Satan Can Do and What Satan Can't Do

What Satan Can’t Do What Satan can and can’t do is an important topic. I’ve found many people fear Satan. Because of that, rather than starting with what he can do, I’m going to show you what Satan can’t do.  There are many comforting truths in the Bible about what Satan can’t do! Click To […]

There’s Just One Satan [And Why That’s Important To Know]

One Satan or Many Satans or None? Some people think there’s one Satan. Some think there are many. Some think there’s no actual individual being called Satan. Which is it? Two boys were talking after church. The pastor had preached about Satan. “What do you think about all this Satan stuff?” one boy asked. “I […]

Lucifer Isn’t Satan’s Name [But It Tells Us Something About Him]

How Satan Came To Be Called Lucifer Lucifer is probably the most well-known name for the evil spirit otherwise known as Satan. If you say “Lucifer” there’s no confusion about whom you’re speaking. So in a way it’s accurate to say that Lucifer has become Satan’s name. There is a TV show right now in […]

Know Your Three Spiritual Enemies: How to Tell Them Apart

Three Spiritual Enemies Similarities and Differences The Bible teaches we have three spiritual enemies, the flesh, the world and Satan. Many people don’t understand the biblical distinctions between them. Let’s explore the implications of the similarities and differences between our three spiritual enemies. We have friends who recently had twin boys. People are asking them, […]

Juggling Complex Attacks: Satanic Desires

Understanding Satanic Desires All Christians are attacked at some point by satanic desires. Satan and his forces are the most devious of our three enemies. Let’s explore the identification of satanic desires. I once saw a juggling act so amazing I still remember it years later. I was at the waterfront in San Francisco and […]

Spiritual Warfare: 6 Categories of Satanic Attacks in the Bible

Satanic Attacks Years ago my sister moved to a new apartment in San Jose, CA. She gave me directions how to get to her place and I drove over to see her . She said her apartment was just off Lee Ave, an exit off the 101 Freeway. When I got to San Jose I […]

12 Reasons Why Christians Should Not Fear Satan or Spiritual Warfare

When I ask people how they feel about spiritual warfare the most frequent answer is fear. Even people who don’t think spiritual warfare has anything to do with them become wide-eyed and wary when we start talking about this topic. There is overwhelming evidence in the Bible that Christians have nothing to fear from Satan […]

Our Enemy Satan: 14 Things the Bible Tells Us about Satan

Most Christians have heard multiple messages about Satan. In spite of that, how much do you really know about Satan? Every year new books are published about Satan and spiritual warfare is a frequent topic on Christian radio stations. Although there are many things that are debated about Satan, such as whether Isaiah 14:12-15 or […]