2 Comforting Aspects of God’s Providential Care for You

God’s Providential Care Is Not A Well-Known Doctrine If you’ve gone to church for even a few years it’s likely you’ve learned about some of the important doctrines or teachings of the Bible. One of the ways pastors equip you for the Christian life is to explain doctrine and show you how it works in […]

Why Providence Not Luck Explains Our Good Fortunes

Providence Defined: It’s About God Providing A high school student gets accepted into a top college. A good friend lands her dream job. A husband finds his wife’s long lost wedding ring. A childless couple, after years of frustration and disappointment is able to adopt a beautiful, healthy baby. How do you explain it? We […]

3 Reasons Why the Bible Doesn’t Use the Word Luck and Neither Should You

Luck is A Bad Four Letter Word “What’s wrong with luck?” you wonder. “Aren’t there worse four-letter-words that you could write a post about to get people to stop using them?” No, I don’t think so. Everybody above the age of five knows what those other four-letter-words are to be avoided. Luck is in a […]