Thank You For Your Prayers For India Stand Firm Conferences

Thanks You For Your Prayers Day 12 Mission to Minister to the Persecuted Church Travel from Chennai, India to Cairo, Egypt Time: October 24 at 6:20 pm – October 25 6:10 am CDT (October 25 4:40 am – 4:50 pm Egypt) Caleb and I are at Chennai Airport waiting to board a 4:40 am flight […]

Delighted By Answered Prayer [A Personal Example]

The Wonder of Answered Prayer A friend of mine who is a pastor was preaching on prayer. He said, “When you ask God for something there are three possible ways that God will answer you. First, He may say ‘Yes.’ Second, He may say ‘No.’ Third, He may say, ‘Are you kidding Me? You’re really […]

Christian Life – The Key to Feeling Comfortable Talking with God the Father

Talking With God the Father If you’re like me there are people in your life you find it hard to talk with. When you encounter someone like that you exchange greetings and then your mind goes blank. You try to think of something to talk about. Even discussing the weather is painful. After awkwardly struggling […]

The Day I Was Tempted To Lie To My Cell Phone!

I recently got a new navigation app for my phone. I was driving down the road and decided to try it out. The app recognized the car was in motion and a warning popped up. It said something like “You are not allowed to edit while driving.” Then I noticed a box. “Click here if […]

Chaos, When Everything Is Spinning Out of Control

Chaos. I don’t know anyone who really likes chaos. I know people who like to cause chaos. I know people who like to fix chaos. And from time to time, most of us like a little planned chaos. Isn’t that what those rides are at the carnival? You get in and it starts spinning. Then […]