A Mother’s Faith – Jochebed’s Story

The Bible laud’s Jochebed, Moses’ mother for her faith. We read about it in Exodus 1 and 2. Here is an expansion of the biblical story as I imagine it could have happened.


Pounding on their door startled Amram and Jochebed awake.

“Pharaoh orders every able-bodied man to report for work duty immediately,” a voice cried out.

“You’re not scheduled to work today, are you?” Jochebed whispered trying not to wake the children.

“No, I’ll find out.”

He stuck his head outside the door, “What is it, brother? It’s early. I’m not scheduled to work today.”

The official, on his way to his neighbor’s door, shouted, “You are now. Quit wasting time. Follow me!”

Amram felt Jochebed beside him. “Come, hurry. I’ll help you get ready,” she said.

“Maybe I should find out more? I’ve worked for him. Perhaps he made a mistake in calling me?” Amram started toward the official.

Jochebed touched his arm, “No, something is different today. You’d better do what he says.”

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Moses Inspires Me! 10 Reasons Why I Admire Moses!

Moses Is A Model For Everyone To Follow

Moses is someone I’d like to have a long conversation with over a pot or two of coffee. He lived such a fascinating life. He overcame great odds on several occasions. He walked with God like no one else has ever done.

Moses sees the promised land

Moses Sees the Promised Land from Afar by James Tissot

We’re fortunate that the Bible tells us as much as it does about him. He’s the main character in the books of Exodus through Deuteronomy. We see his life from beginning to end, including his good and bad sides. Here are 10 admirable things about him.

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