Jesus Light Of The World

The Characters of the Christmas Story

Jesus Light Of The World It’s Christmas and we have come to the most important person in the Christmas story, Jesus. There are many aspects of Jesus’ life and ministry we could consider. Since lights are such a dominant part of Christmas, let’s consider what it means when the Bible calls Jesus light of the […]

The Key to Being a Confident Christian

Confidence in the Christian Life In March I went to Guatemala. I love to travel and especially enjoy exploring places I’ve never been. I was disappointed to learn Guatemala is not safe for tourists. I was not free to wander about on my own. There was one exception. We were staying in a gated community. […]

4 Times God Proved How Much You are Worth To Him

Your Worth to God Everyone wants to know what things are worth. Pawn Stars is a popular TV show. In case you’re one of three people who haven’t seen it, people take things to a Pawn Shop in the hopes of getting a lot of money for an heirloom or collectible they own. Sometimes they discover […]

When You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty for Having Evil Desires, Part 2 of 2

Guilt and Evil Desires I grew up attending a conservative church. It gave me a solid foundation in my Christian life. But I also learned some things that weren’t in the Bible. I was taught it’s sin to go to movies. I’ll never forget the first time I went to a movie theater as a […]