6 Reasons Why We Should Not Seek To Hear God’s Audible Voice

We Need to Hear God But It Doesn’t Need To Be God’s Audible Voice There are many issues in Christianity that are as clear as can be.  It’s clear that God speaks. The Bible begins and ends with God speaking. It’s also clear the Bible is the primary way God speaks to everyone. What isn’t […]

How God Speaks In General And Special Ways

God Speaks To Everyone In General and His Children In Special Ways Communication has changed significantly within my lifetime. When I was born the options were rotary dial landline telephones, written letters, telegrams and telex. Yep, that was it.  It was a simpler time. I remember the fascination I felt when the fax machine and mobile […]

6 Different Things People Mean When They Say “God Told Me”

God Speaks In Different Ways A few months ago a man called the church in need of $100. He’d just gotten out of prison and needed gas money to drive from Kentucky up to Mundelein, IL where his grandmother had left him a house.  He was calling me from the phone at a friend’s place. […]