Sin’s Power Over Us: Rewards and Punishments

Sin’s Power Is Strong Against Us A little boy is tempted. There within reach is a delicious treat. But he’s not supposed to eat it. The urge is strong. Then he does what everyone does. He looks around to see if anyone is watching. He’s calculating whether he will be caught. Ah, but he’s already […]

Know Your Three Spiritual Enemies: How to Tell Them Apart

Three Spiritual Enemies Similarities and Differences The Bible teaches we have three spiritual enemies, the flesh, the world and Satan. Many people don’t understand the biblical distinctions between them. Let’s explore the implications of the similarities and differences between our three spiritual enemies. We have friends who recently had twin boys. People are asking them, […]

Christian Living: How to Say “No” to the Hawking by the Flesh

Beware of Hawking by the Flesh! One of the most uncomfortable experiences people have when going to a mall is hawking. That’s when a salesperson from a kiosk catches your eye and starts enticing you to buy something. Many people avert their eyes and try to sneak by. Even those of us who have no […]