The Father’s Loving Plan For You

The Father’s Loving Plan A plan is great but a loving plan is better! God the Father has a loving plan for you. When people talk about making plans the word “loving” usually isn’t attached. Perhaps right now you’re planning a trip. Even if the plans are to be with loved ones we normally just […]

4 Times God Proved How Much You are Worth To Him

Your Worth to God Everyone wants to know what things are worth. Pawn Stars is a popular TV show. In case you’re one of three people who haven’t seen it, people take things to a Pawn Shop in the hopes of getting a lot of money for an heirloom or collectible they own. Sometimes they discover […]

Christian Living: 3 Reasons You Have The Power to Choose

God has Given you the Power to Choose to Live for Him Researchers tell us that each day we make thousands of choices. Many of these are minor decisions such as whether to get out of bed or hit the snooze button, what to wear, what to listen to or what to eat. A lot […]