A Mother’s Faith – Jochebed’s Story

The Bible laud’s Jochebed, Moses’ mother for her faith. We read about it in Exodus 1 and 2. Here is an expansion of the biblical story as I imagine it could have happened.


Pounding on their door startled Amram and Jochebed awake.

“Pharaoh orders every able-bodied man to report for work duty immediately,” a voice cried out.

“You’re not scheduled to work today, are you?” Jochebed whispered trying not to wake the children.

“No, I’ll find out.”

He stuck his head outside the door, “What is it, brother? It’s early. I’m not scheduled to work today.”

The official, on his way to his neighbor’s door, shouted, “You are now. Quit wasting time. Follow me!”

Amram felt Jochebed beside him. “Come, hurry. I’ll help you get ready,” she said.

“Maybe I should find out more? I’ve worked for him. Perhaps he made a mistake in calling me?” Amram started toward the official.

Jochebed touched his arm, “No, something is different today. You’d better do what he says.”

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Moses Was An Unlikely Man of God

Lessons In Faith

Are you a man of God or woman of God? Would you be comfortable if someone called you that? How about as a title on your business card? That is what Moses was called!

Moses Man of God


Moses is one of my heroes. It may be that one of the reasons I admire him is he was such an unlikely man of God. Here are six reasons why he might not have become a man of God.

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The Patient Faith of Joseph

Lessons In Faith

The Uniqueness of Joseph’s Patient Faith

When we think of patient faith in the Bible three people come to mind. They are Noah, Abraham and Joseph. Noah was 500 years old when he’s first mentioned in Genesis 5:32. He was 600 when he entered the ark Genesis 7:6. Abraham was 75 when God promised him a son Genesis 11:28. He was 100 when Isaac was born Genesis 21:5. Joseph was 17 years old when he was sold as a slave. He was 30 when Pharaoh made him his second in command in Egypt. In terms of years Noah and Abraham waited longer for God to work. In terms of having patient faith in the face of adversity, Joseph is the model.

Joseph a model of patient faith

I’ve been a pastor for many years and have heard many reasons why people have given up on God. The most frequent reasons relate to people. Some are ticked off because of what a pastor or someone else in church said or didn’t say and decide to give up on God. Sometimes people give up on God because of poor treatment by others. Then there are those who give up on God because something bad or unfair happened to them and they blame God.

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