False Doctrine Is All Around Us [Do You Recognize It?]

Sound Doctrine and False Doctrine Are Both Just a Click Away The internet has made Bible teaching easily accessible to anyone with a computer. It has also made it easier than ever for anyone who has a computer to post Bible teaching online. I just did Google search for “Bible teaching” and got 81,500,000 hits. […]

How Doctrine Helps You Interact With The Opponents of Faith

A Welcome and Unexpected Result of Teaching Sound Doctrine Many pastors have struggled with difficult congregations over the years. It’s just as easy for God’s flock to go astray as it is for real flocks. One young pastor who had a problem flock was Titus. A disciple of the Apostle Paul, he was the pastor […]

Bible Doctrine Is Both Timeless and Ageless

Bible Doctrine Has Something For Everyone In the 1960’s the phrase “generation gap” was coined. It was used to describe differences between young and old including things such as style of clothing, language and music preferences. The concept of the generation gap is still around but we talk about it differently. We call age groups […]