Sin’s Power Over Us: Rewards and Punishments

Sin’s Power Is Strong Against Us A little boy is tempted. There within reach is a delicious treat. But he’s not supposed to eat it. The urge is strong. Then he does what everyone does. He looks around to see if anyone is watching. He’s calculating whether he will be caught. Ah, but he’s already […]

Walking By the Spirit: Our Defense Against the Desires of the Flesh

Walking by The Spirit – Producing Good Fruit When I was young our family occasionally went out to pick fruit in an orchard. It was fun as long as the fruit was where we could reach it. There were long sticks to knock it off the higher branches but that was hard work. Us kids […]

A Different Kind of List: The Desires of the Flesh

Desires of the Flesh Our spiritual enemies attack us with bad desires. The Bible gives us keen insight into the most frequent spiritual attacks we receive, desires of the flesh. I have a fun book in my library, The Book of Lists: The Original Compendium of Curious Information. It’s quite entertaining with probably more amusing trivia […]