4 Reasons Why Jesus’ Title “Immanuel” Isn’t Just for Christmas

Immanuel Isn’t One of Jesus’ Names Most people have a title. Titles are important for two reasons. First, they tell what we do.  Second they communicate status. There are titles that are confusing or leave us wondering. Would you guess the title “Director of First Impressions” is for a receptionist? In the Christmas story Matthew […]

The Christmas Story From An Angel’s Point of View

The Christmas Story I’d like to tell you the Christmas story from the perspective of an angel. I don’t know his name so let’s call him George. George is an average angel. He has regular work to do, like following humans around and helping them out from time to time with their problems. Other than […]

God The Father Has Lots of Gifts for You!

The Father Loves to Give Gifts! Giving gifts is the primary focus of Christmas for many people. It’s a family time and there are many other traditions we’ve added to our Christmas celebration. But gift giving is the one tradition that everyone shares. There are various explanations for why this is so. One goes all […]

Which of the 5 Reactions To Jesus’ Birth is The Same as Yours?

The Reactions To Jesus’ Birth Were Much Like People React To Him Today Imagine it’s four weeks before Christmas. Your boss calls everyone in for a meeting. No one knows why. He explains that business has been good, too good. The company is behind and has to catch up before the end of the year. […]

7 Ways The Father Prepared For The First Christmas

The Way The Father Prepared For Jesus’ Birth Tells Us It’s A Big Deal At this time of the year a common question is “Are you ready for Christmas?” That’s a loaded question. It may mean “Have you finished shopping? Did you send your Christmas cards? Are your decorations up? Are all your presents wrapped?” […]

“Joy to the World” Was Not Written as a Christmas Carol

Joy and Christmas One of the most well-known Christmas carols of all time, “Joy to the World,”  wasn’t written for Christmas. In 1719 Isaac Watts wrote it as part of a group of hymns on the Psalms. If you read Psalm 98 that it’s based on, you won’t find the phrase “Joy to the World” […]

The Father’s Compassion to Mary and Elizabeth

The Father’s Choice of Mary and Elizabeth Shows us His Compassion Mary and Elizabeth were two women, uniquely joined in time. They were cousins. We don’t know how old they were when each became pregnant. Elizabeth was older Luke 1:18. She was well beyond childbearing years. Let’s says she was in her 60’s. She may […]

Feeling Sentimental about Some Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions are such an important part of the season Christmas is a time of wonderful traditions. We have so many things to look forward to each year. The first Christmas tradition each year is usually when department stores put up decorations. That makes it official. The Christmas season has started. The second Christmas tradition […]

Why 7 Predictions about Jesus’ Birth Matter

The Fulfillment of Prophecies about Jesus’ Birth People are fascinated with prophecy. It’s intriguing to think someone could accurately say ahead of time what’s going to happen in the future. One well known prophet who lived in the 1500’s is Nostradamus. He made a number of prophecies that many people believe have been fulfilled over […]

The Fascinating Story of The Wise Men and Star of Bethlehem

The Mysterious and Delightful Star Of Bethlehem Is there anyone who doesn’t like looking up at the stars on a clear night? Their beauty is enchanting. As you see them sparkling you can’t help but wonder how far away they are? What are they like? How long have they been there? If you’re fortunate you […]