The Holy Spirit is the Proof We Are Acceptable To God

The Father Knows We Need Proof We Are Acceptable To God Some things are just hard to believe. We’ve all heard stories of the huge fish that got away and of sure-fire ways to get rich. Perhaps you’ve been burned and as a result have been disappointed or perhaps it cost you money. Many of […]

Jesus Makes Us Acceptable To The Father

Being Clothed With Jesus Makes Us Acceptable To The Father When a person joins the Army he or she goes through a dramatic transformation. The Army designed a system to produce soldiers who are physically fit, have basic fighting skills, understand the chain of command and work as a team. If one works hard, in […]

7 Benefits of Being Accepted by the Father

What it Means to be Accepted by the Father Acceptance is a big deal. Young people work hard for good grades to be accepted into the National Honor Society. High school students strive to get accepted into a top college. College graduates prepare resumes hoping an employer accepts and hires them.  We want to be […]

5 Facts About Our Acceptance by God

Our Position In Christ Assures us of Acceptance Acceptance is a key principle for people of all cultures. It’s elusive. It isn’t based upon one’s social status or wealth or accomplishments. There are many successful, wealthy, famous people who struggle with acceptance. No matter how much one tries one cannot guarantee being accepted by another. […]