Choose To Serve Out Of Love

Two Motivations to Serve To serve is to perform duties for another’s benefit. In our day and age the word serve is associated with charities, the military and service industries. If we volunteer for a charity we say we are serving those less fortunate than we are. We describe a person in the army as […]

Choose Your Thoughts: You Are Not What You Think

The Choice is up to You The idea that you can choose your thoughts is foreign to many people. Instead many people feel enslaved by their thoughts. The phrase “You are what you think” is a popular perspective. There are books, and sermons with that title and you can even buy a t-shirt emblazoned with […]

Christian Living: A Daily Choice, Be Conformed or Be Transformed

A Difficult Choice For those who have never been to an optometrist you have missed one of the easiest and most difficult questions of life, “Which is better ‘this’ or ‘this’?” It’s easy because you have just two options. At first the options (which view is better) are significantly different and the choice is easy. […]

Christian Living: Life is Hard, Sometimes Our Choices Make it Harder

Life Is Hard, Sometimes Our Choices Make It Harder A young man from the city visited a girl on her family’s ranch. Even though he had never been on a ranch, he didn’t want to come across like a city-slicker. They walked into the barn where a blacksmith was making horseshoes. After watching a few […]

Christian Living: 5 Reasons Why We Repeat Bad Choices and How To Break The Cycle

Bad Choices and How To Break The Cycle of Sin A few weeks ago I was sitting at an outdoor restaurant with my son and his girlfriend when we noticed a guy trying to push his car out of the street. My son and I ran over and helped him push his car through the […]

Christian Living: 3 Reasons You Have The Power to Choose

God has Given you the Power to Choose to Live for Him Researchers tell us that each day we make thousands of choices. Many of these are minor decisions such as whether to get out of bed or hit the snooze button, what to wear, what to listen to or what to eat. A lot […]