Jacob Asked For God’s Blessing [Have You?]

Genesis 32-36

Did Jacob Deserve God’s Blessing? When we read that Jacob asked for God’s blessing a question comes to mind. Did he deserve it? Is there anyone who deserves God’s blessing? If you made a list of biblical characters who didn’t deserve it Jacob would be high on the list. He was a schemer. He caught […]

Finding A Blessing When I Wasn’t Looking For It

An Unexpected Blessing While Traveling This past month has been a busy season of travel for me. After three weeks in India and Egypt my wife, Margaret, and I traveled to Southern California last weekend for our youngest son’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and a delightful time! It was also a time when […]

Rehearsing God’s Goodness On Our Missionary Journey

God’s Goodness Was Evident Everywhere We Went! It’s great to be home. It was also great to have the opportunity to teach and preach God’s Word in some unexpected ways. This was quite a missionary journey for us! Here is a map of the different locations where we ministered.

Blessed by God At The Minya Egypt Stand Firm Conference

Day 19 Mission to Minister to the Persecuted Church Cairo, Egypt Time: November 1, 2015 We Are Blessed In So Many Ways! We finished the Stand Firm Conference in Minya, Egypt yesterday and my heart is full. It was such a joy to spend time with brothers and sisters in Christ who are hungry to […]

Content, Blessed and Pressing On!

First Anniversary Of This Blog

The Blessings of God and Being Content For the past week or so we have been talking about the spiritual blessing we have in Christ. Do you feel blessed? For many people the spiritual truths of scripture seem distant and theoretical. I hope that as you have been reading and thinking about our blessings from […]

Chosen As God’s Inheritance

God Has Dibs On You!

We Were Chosen By God As His Inheritance There’s an interesting phrase that kids learn growing up. It’s “I’ve got dibs on that!” Its history is uncertain but it seems to have its origin in a 17th century game similar to the modern day Jacks game. Its origin may be unknown but the meaning of […]

A Mystery Revealed [And You’re Part Of It]

The Mystery Of God's Plan For The Ages

You Are Blessed To Know This Mystery From God There’s a sense of privilege and power that comes with knowledge. This is particularly true when we know something first or before others don’t know it. When someone shares important news with us first it tells us that other person trusts us and values us.   […]

Redeemed and Lovin’ It!

Being Redeemed Is All About Being Liberated Rewards programs are very common today. The most popular are with airlines or credit card companies. The more you use their services the more quickly you earn a reward. The terminology used in claiming a reward is biblical! If you want to purchase something with the reward points […]

The Blessing Of Adoption By God The Father

Adoption Is The Norm For the Family Of God Adoption is a wonderful solution to two tragic problems. Children, who by no fault of their own are without parents, experience the love and wholeness of being in a family. Parents unable to have their own children are able to experience the joy of parenting. It’s […]