God Speaks, So What?

Genesis 1- 2

When God Speaks, Things Happen It’s so common to hear “God speaks” that it’s barely enough to evoke a yawn among churchgoers.  You’d think that it’s a common experience enjoyed by all who consider themselves Christians. I’ve found that although practically all Christians agree God speaks, it’s a minority who regularly hear from God. I’ve […]

Bible Study Basics: The Application of Mark 1:1-8 To Our Lives

Step 8 Application Is How To Live The Bible

Application Of A Text Is Putting It Into Practice What’s your goal in studying the Bible? Not everyone agrees on the answer to that question. The goal is to understand what it teaches so we can live it out in our lives today. It’s amazing we can study the Bible, a book that is thousands […]

Bible Study Basics: How to Apply The Bible To Your Life

Step 8: Application: Identify Timeless Principles

There Is A Wrong And Right Way To Apply The Bible To Your Life It is time to see what parts of Mark 1:1-8 we can apply to our lives.  Here’s our text. 1 The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. 2 As it is written in Isaiah the prophet, […]

Bible Study Basics: The Difference Between Interpretation and Application

Step 8 First Establish Meaning Then Seek Application

Application Is Often Confused With Interpretation We have come to a point in our discussion of Bible study methods where there is a lot of confusion. One of the reasons is terminology. If we aren’t using words in the same way we have trouble communicating. What do you think it means when I say “I […]