Bible Study Basics: John The Baptist’s Mission Is The Beginning Of the Gospel

Step 6: Interpret: The Good News Of Jesus Began With John

The Importance of John The Baptist Doing Bible study is like filming a movie. There are many hours of film that are never used in the final production. Sometime entire scenes are cut. The director has to make choices and edit the film to tell the best story in the right amount of time. In […]

Bible Study Basics: Interpretation Is What The Text Means [But Not To You]

Step 6: Interpret: Make a tentative conclusion as to what the main point of the passage is.

Interpretation Is About What The Text Meant To The Original Audience “Are we there yet? Learning how to study the Bible is taking a long time!” You may feel like the kids in the back seat that are getting impatient with the trip. We are getting close but no, we aren’t there yet. This step, […]

Bible Interpretation Is An Ideal “Do It Yourself” Task

There Are Different Ways You Can Do Bible Interpretation Are you a DIY “Do It Yourself” person or do you prefer to hire someone to do things for you? I have occasionally watched DIY shows on TV, often to great amusement. The people on the TV shows often have basic skills but aren’t experienced in […]