5 Methods of Biblical Interpretation [Which Is Yours?]

Different Methods of Biblical Interpretation Lead To Different Results Some of us like to follow directions and some of us don’t. When you buy a toy set for your kids or piece of furniture that requires assembly, do you read the directions? Or do you prefer to jump right in and figure it out on […]

There Are No Shortcuts In Bible Study

Bible Study  – Three Essential Steps Have you ever thought about how common shortcuts are in our lives? There are shortcuts for many things such as driving, cooking, for computers and smart phones and Facebook shortcuts! Everyone loves a shortcut because it saves time. However, there are some things for which there are no shortcuts, such […]

Bible Interpretation: Why Reading The Bible Is Not Enough

Bible Interpretation Is More than Just Reading the Bible I like to play ping pong. When I was in college I got pretty good or at least I thought I was. One day I visited a ping pong club in San Francisco. Yes, there is such a thing. I knew I wasn’t as good as […]