Bible Study Basics: Good News From Mark 1:1

Step 5: Understanding The Gospel As Good News

Good News for Your Monday

When was the last time you got some really good news? Do you remember? Perhaps it was a promotion or some other success at work. Perhaps a loved one found a job. Or maybe a doctor’s report came back with good news. It may have been you heard that one of your sports teams won.

Good News!

Good news is, well it’s good!  It makes you smile. It gives you joy. It’s contagious. It is something you get excited about and want to share!

Do you remember when you first heard the good news about Jesus? Do you remember how you felt when you understood that Jesus loves you, lived and died for you and freely offers you forgiveness and eternal life? Do you remember? Do you still feel that way or has the good news of Jesus become old news?

In New Testament there is a Greek word euaggélion that means good news. It is sometimes translated by the English word gospel which is from an old English word meaning glad tidings or good news. Unfortunately the English word “gospel” confuses things a bit. It’s easy to read the word and lose the sense of wonder and delight.

Let’s get back to the good news of Jesus. Without any hesitation we can say it is “the” good news. It is better good news than any other news anyone could ever hear! And the beginning of the story of the good news is found in the book of Mark. The first sentence of the book says,

The beginning of the gospel [good news] of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

One of the benefits of Bible study is that we take a close look at something that we have seen many times, like the word “gospel.” Then we see it in a new or fresh way. When we see the same thing over and over we tend to not pay as much attention to it. In my last post one of the first words I listed to identify and study in the book of Mark is the word “gospel.” I am grateful I stopped and took the time to look up this word again and think about it. And I’m excited to think about what else Mark is going to tell me about this good news.

Father, thank you for the reminder of how good the good news of Jesus is!  Please give me the opportunity today to share the good news of Jesus with someone today!

How has the good news changed your life? Please leave a comment or question below.