There’s Just One Satan [And Why That’s Important To Know]

One Satan or Many Satans or None? Some people think there’s one Satan. Some think there are many. Some think there’s no actual individual being called Satan. Which is it? Two boys were talking after church. The pastor had preached about Satan. “What do you think about all this Satan stuff?” one boy asked. “I […]

Lucifer Isn’t Satan’s Name [But It Tells Us Something About Him]

How Satan Came To Be Called Lucifer Lucifer is probably the most well-known name for the evil spirit otherwise known as Satan. If you say “Lucifer” there’s no confusion about whom you’re speaking. So in a way it’s accurate to say that Lucifer has become Satan’s name. There is a TV show right now in […]

The Father’s Loving Plan For You

The Father’s Loving Plan A plan is great but a loving plan is better! God the Father has a loving plan for you. When people talk about making plans the word “loving” usually isn’t attached. Perhaps right now you’re planning a trip. Even if the plans are to be with loved ones we normally just […]

5 Enemies of the Cross [They’re Not What You Think]

The Cross

Enemies of the Cross When I say enemies of the cross what comes to mind? Is it a well-known atheist who debates Christian leaders? Do you think of religions opposed to Christianity? Perhaps you think of humanistic philosophers? I want to talk with you about a different kind of enemy. The type of enemy I’m […]

The Cross Changed Things More Than Many Realize

The Impact Of The Cross In my last post I said the cross changed everything. Does that seem like a lofty statement? Does it seem like hyperbole? Saying that something is important does not make it so. In the USA we’re in the midst of an election year. Things are happening in this election cycle […]