Growing Spiritually Is A Sign Of Spiritual Health

The Biblical Norm Is To Be Growing Spiritually I grew up in northern California where it’s usually hot and dry in the summer and fall, and cooler but not freezing with some rain in the winter and spring. In contrast the Midwest, where I live now, is hot and wet during the spring and summer […]

Spiritual Health [What Does It Mean To Be Spiritually Healthy?]

Spiritual Health Is Similar In Some Respects to Physical Health A few years ago I had a life-changing experience. I was an average middle aged man, not exercising or eating well. I had gained weight and lost muscle. Then I met Brian, a friend from church who was trained and educated in health and fitness. […]

Are You Using The Fruit Of The Spirit In Your Life?

Using The Fruit Of The Spirit Is About Supernatural Empowerment Perhaps upon reading the title of this post you are wondering, “How does one use fruit?” The obvious answer is to use it for pies, preserves and for helping to have a balanced diet. I’m reminded of the saying, “An apple a day keeps the […]

Losing Joy May Be A Warning You’re Under Attack

Obstacles to Joy Part 4

Losing Joy Can Be Helpful If You Know Why You Lost It I appreciate technology and all the ways it’s made life easier. In particular I like looking up stuff. One of the things I don’t recommend looking up is medical advice. It seems like every time I follow all the possibilities it tells me I […]

Trials Are Obstacles To Joy [Unless You Decide Otherwise]

Obstacles to Joy Part 3

Trials Don’t Have To Be Obstacles To Joy One of the things I had to get used to when I traveled to India was cold showers. It isn’t that India doesn’t have hot water, it’s just that we didn’t have it everywhere we stayed. It wasn’t something I liked but quickly got used to doing. […]

Sin – A Problem We [Sometimes] Know We Have

Obstacles to Joy - Part 2

We Often Have A Problem With Sin That We Don’t Know We Have We just got our front door fixed. That may not seem like a big deal except we didn’t know it was broken! We purchased a new screen door and when Tom came to install it he noticed that the door wasn’t plumb. […]

Obstacles to Joy [Three Things That Steal Our Joy]

Part 1

Knowing The Obstacles To Joy Can Help Us Deal With Them Every Christian has at some point experienced what the King James Version of 1 Peter 1:8 describes as “joy unspeakable and full of glory.” If you have experienced that joy you know just what I’m talking about. We all wish we could have it […]

Ministry Update – Gratitude and More Gratitude

Two Wonderful Weeks of Ministry One of the joys I’ve had in ministry over the last 23 years has been to be a part of the Walk Thru the Bible Ministry Team. If you haven’t been to a Walk Thru the Bible Live Event you’ve missed a wonderful, life-changing experience. Most of the events I […]