God Restores Us After Suffering Through Spiritual Warfare

God’s Spiritual Warfare Plan

All Spiritual Warfare Involves Suffering If you’ve read a few of my posts you know that I believe many people misunderstand spiritual warfare. Many would think the statement “all spiritual warfare involves suffering” refers to physical suffering. It doesn’t. The main reason people think spiritual warfare is about physical suffering is the story of Job. […]

God’s Warnings About Spiritual Warfare Aren’t What Many Expect

God's Spiritual Warfare Plan

God’s Warnings About Spiritual Warfare Are Clear When I say “spiritual warfare” what comes to your mind? For some people it’s images of dark streets or alleys or haunted houses with demons lurking in the shadows. Others imagine people being controlled by demons against their will. For some it’s the thought of being attacked with […]

Equipped for Victory In Spiritual Warfare

God’s Spiritual Warfare Plan

God’s Children Are Equipped For Victory In Spiritual Warfare My mom had a lot of sayings. Most often she would use one when one of us kids was complaining about something. There were six kids in our family so I heard these sayings time and again. One that comes to mind was when we she […]

God Delivers Satan’s Followers From His Control

God's Spiritual Warfare Plan

Satan’s Followers Include People Who Don’t Realize They Follow Satan A war is not a fight or battle between two individuals or families. A war is when one nation or state fights against another. Spiritual warfare isn’t just a battle between God and Satan. It’s the ongoing hostilities that exist between God and his followers […]

God Guards Us From Spiritual Warfare

Be Comforted Knowing God Guards Us Even Though We Don’t See It A little over a year ago I went on a missions trip with my church to Guatemala. I was hoping to venture out during free time and see some of Guatemala City on my own. It didn’t happen. From the moment we arrived […]

God Allows Satanic Attacks [What That Means To Us]

Be Comforted Not Alarmed That God Allows Satan To Attack We’re all fascinated with the spirit realm. This is evident by all of the books, TV shows and movies about angels, demons and the paranormal. We’d all like to know more about those beings we can’t see that seem to have greater powers than we […]