5 Methods of Biblical Interpretation [Which Is Yours?]

Different Methods of Biblical Interpretation Lead To Different Results Some of us like to follow directions and some of us don’t. When you buy a toy set for your kids or piece of furniture that requires assembly, do you read the directions? Or do you prefer to jump right in and figure it out on […]

There Are No Shortcuts In Bible Study

Bible Study  – Three Essential Steps Have you ever thought about how common shortcuts are in our lives? There are shortcuts for many things such as driving, cooking, for computers and smart phones and Facebook shortcuts! Everyone loves a shortcut because it saves time. However, there are some things for which there are no shortcuts, such […]

Mountaintop Experiences Are A Good Thing

Mountaintop Experiences Remind Us Of What Is Possible I just got back from a wonderful men’s retreat at Mt. Palomar Christian Conference Center. I had the opportunity to get to know a great group of guys and teach them the Stand Firm Seminar. It was relaxing and fun in spite of the fact that it rained […]

Bible Interpretation: Why Reading The Bible Is Not Enough

Bible Interpretation Is More than Just Reading the Bible I like to play ping pong. When I was in college I got pretty good or at least I thought I was. One day I visited a ping pong club in San Francisco. Yes, there is such a thing. I knew I wasn’t as good as […]

Understanding the Bible Isn’t Hard But It’s Harder Than Some People Think

The Bible Doesn’t Always Mean What You Think It Means When I grew up cars were not as complicated as they are today. I regularly did tune ups, changed the brakes, rebuilt carburetors and even changed a clutch or two. I don’t even think about doing those repairs now. Cars have become quite complex. It’s […]

What Doctrines Are Worth Arguing About? [Hint: This Is A Trick Question]

Do The Words “Doctrine” and “Argue” Belong In The Same Sentence? I feel sorry for Timothy. I’m speaking of the Timothy who was Paul’s disciple in the Bible. Okay, I don’t feel sorry for him now, he’s with the Lord. I feel sorry for what he had to endure at the church where he was a […]

False Doctrine Is All Around Us [Do You Recognize It?]

Sound Doctrine and False Doctrine Are Both Just a Click Away The internet has made Bible teaching easily accessible to anyone with a computer. It has also made it easier than ever for anyone who has a computer to post Bible teaching online. I just did Google search for “Bible teaching” and got 81,500,000 hits. […]

How Doctrine Helps You Interact With The Opponents of Faith

A Welcome and Unexpected Result of Teaching Sound Doctrine Many pastors have struggled with difficult congregations over the years. It’s just as easy for God’s flock to go astray as it is for real flocks. One young pastor who had a problem flock was Titus. A disciple of the Apostle Paul, he was the pastor […]

Biblical Doctrine is All About Life Change

If Biblical Doctrine Doesn’t Produce Life Change It Isn’t Of Value I’m a practical person. I like to learn but not just facts or theories. I don’t mind learning information as long as it leads to being able to do something with it. It’s what motivates me as a pastor, Bible teacher and writer. I […]

Bible Doctrine Is Both Timeless and Ageless

Bible Doctrine Has Something For Everyone In the 1960’s the phrase “generation gap” was coined. It was used to describe differences between young and old including things such as style of clothing, language and music preferences. The concept of the generation gap is still around but we talk about it differently. We call age groups […]