Do You Know How Rich You Really Are?

You Are Rich In Faith There is a delightful story from the Saturday Evening Post about a conversation Walt Disney had one day with his daughter. Walt had already built Disneyland and it was enjoying great success. One day after playing with a friend his daughter Diane asked him , “Daddy, are you Walt Disney?” […]

How Do Your Thoughts Measure Up?

Be Careful About Your Thoughts A well known saying among people in the trades is “Measure twice, cut once. Measure once, cut twice.” Raise your hand if have personally learned what that means? My hand is up. You cannot un-cut something. Many of us wish we could. It would have saved us money. The general […]

To Obey or Not to Obey? It’s Your Choice

Obedience School is Just for Dogs I’ve never taken a dog to obedience school. If you have, perhaps you can validate or confirm something I heard. Obedience School  is more for the human than for the dog. This may be an urban legend. If it is, the only thing it’s bound to harm is our […]

Choose To Serve Out Of Love

Two Motivations to Serve To serve is to perform duties for another’s benefit. In our day and age the word serve is associated with charities, the military and service industries. If we volunteer for a charity we say we are serving those less fortunate than we are. We describe a person in the army as […]

7 Choices God Gives You Today

God Loves You So Much He Gives You Choices One of my very earliest memories is about an unexpected and delightful choice. When I was three years old I decided to follow my sister to kindergarten. In the safe world of the 1950’s in Santa Barbara, California it was common for kids to play outside […]