Juggling Complex Attacks: Satanic Desires

Understanding Satanic Desires All Christians are attacked at some point by satanic desires. Satan and his forces are the most devious of our three enemies. Let’s explore the identification of satanic desires. I once saw a juggling act so amazing I still remember it years later. I was at the waterfront in San Francisco and […]

The Food Court of Bad Desires – Worldly Desires

Understanding Worldly Desires The world system is one of our three spiritual enemies.  Like the flesh and Satan it is set on turning our hearts from God. The world’s approach is different from the flesh and Satan.  Today we are looking at worldly desires. “Food court” is a fairly recent term that’s become part of […]

A Different Kind of List: The Desires of the Flesh

Desires of the Flesh Our spiritual enemies attack us with bad desires. The Bible gives us keen insight into the most frequent spiritual attacks we receive, desires of the flesh. I have a fun book in my library, The Book of Lists: The Original Compendium of Curious Information. It’s quite entertaining with probably more amusing trivia […]

Diagnosing Our Problem with Sin: 3 Sources of Evil Desires

Evil Desires that Lead to Sin Understanding the role of evil desires in leading us to sin is fundamental to our Christian lives. If you’ve ever found yourself in the position of having done something you wished you hadn’t, part of the reason is evil desires. Let’s explore the sources of evil desires. A man’s […]

Christian Living: Where Did You Get That Idea? The 3 Steps To Sin

The 3 Steps to Sin I teach a WTB live event called Understanding The Love of Your Life. It identifies personality types to help couples understand themselves and each other better. One personality type often has new ideas. I ask those who have spouses who are dreamers, with lots of ideas, to raise their hands. […]

Spiritual Warfare: Satan’s Target Is Your Mind

Satanic Attacks Target Your Mind A few years ago when we moved into a new home we soon discovered we weren’t alone. There were 5 squirrels that frolicked in our yard by day and slept in our attic at night. It was disconcerting each night as we heard them crawling around above. One hot day […]

Spiritual Warfare: The Armor of God is for our Minds

The Purpose of The Armor of God Widespread confusion exists about spiritual warfare and the armor of God. There’s little agreement about what it is or how or when to use it. Today we explore the purpose of the armor. The armor of God is like a specialized tool to help you do something you […]

Spiritual Warfare: 6 Categories of Satanic Attacks in the Bible

Satanic Attacks Years ago my sister moved to a new apartment in San Jose, CA. She gave me directions how to get to her place and I drove over to see her . She said her apartment was just off Lee Ave, an exit off the 101 Freeway. When I got to San Jose I […]

Spiritual Warfare: Read This If You Think You’ve Never Been Attacked By Satan

The Perfect Con: Attacked by Satan Being attacked by Satan is a con job. A true con job is when the person who is conned never knows it happened. Oh he knew something went wrong, he lost money or something of value, but he didn’t know it was because there was a nefarious plan to […]

Christian Living: A Daily Choice, Be Conformed or Be Transformed

A Difficult Choice For those who have never been to an optometrist you have missed one of the easiest and most difficult questions of life, “Which is better ‘this’ or ‘this’?” It’s easy because you have just two options. At first the options (which view is better) are significantly different and the choice is easy. […]